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Dry Bulk Material Storage

Terraco’s employees have extensive experience designing and constructing durable, efficient Dry Bulk Material Storage facilities. Our experience constructing storage facilities for heavy, abrasive materials has allowed us to refine our best practices and led to relationships in the industry that enable us to design and build robust and efficient facilities. We have working relationships with engineering firms in all major disciplines, subcontractors for all required trades, and material handling firms, which allows us to present a complete turnkey package for the client’s consideration. In most circumstances, Terraco provides these services for free in hope of securing a contract for the project, but some more complex projects will require pricing to be budgetary or require engineering fees for an up-front design study.

Our Methods

The design will be completed by experienced engineers under the direction of Terraco’s Project Manager. Upon completion of the design, the Project Manager will buyout the project and transition to the construction phase, which is when the Project Superintendent will become involved. The Superintendent is the on-site point person for Terraco and manages the safety, quality and schedule of the project, as well as coordinating the day-to-day activities of our skilled subcontractors. At close of the project, the Project Manager and Superintendent will join the client for a detailed walk through to guarantee all punch out items have been completed and the project meets quality expectations.

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