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Industrial Construction

Terraco has the expertise to handle a broad range of construction projects, from warehouses to manufacturing and process facilities. Our staff will work with you to design a facility that fits your needs and then deliver with on time and on budget, quality construction.

Why Terraco

Terraco has in-house design capabilities to create general arrangement drawings for your project, enabling us to work with you to optimize your workflows and design an efficient facility. From there, Terraco relies on our strong working relationships with relevant major engineering disciplines to create a complete design package. In many cases our general arrangement drawings are enough to provide a firm price for the project, which we’re happy to do for free, but more complex projects may require pricing to be budgetary. If a firm price is necessary, some up-front engineering costs may be required.

Our Methods

After Terraco is selected for the project, our project managers will work to finalize a contract and then immediately move to finalize the design package and project documents, including a detailed schedule. After this, we will issue the relevant subcontracts and purchase orders.

For all projects, Terraco provides qualified on-site Project Superintendents that will enforce the schedule and ensure that the project is completed to the highest standards. On projects at existing facilities, our superintendents work with plant managers to keep operations interference’s to a minimum, while maintaining a safe working environment for plant personnel. Clients operating under strict industrial environments will get the benefit of a contractor that has experience working under tight regulation without the high costs because we haven’t amassed the overhead of most contractors in the industrial sector.

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