Sophisticated Liquid Chemical and Fertilizer Facilities

Farmers have recognized the efficiency, accuracy and yield benefits of liquid fertilizer in their applications. As a result, more agriculture retailers are constructing liquid fertilizer facilities alongside pesticide storage to better serve their farmers.

Most new facilities have different receiving and load-out options, multiple products and the ability to blend micronutrients; these requirements create many design challenges which underscore the importance of partnering with an experienced design/build team.

Our Methods

All projects begin with a meeting where the client provides a “Design Basis.” We then create drawings, submit to them for review, then tweak the design if necessary – all this work is complimentary in support of understanding and meeting the client’s specific needs. In some complex facilities, upfront design costs may be required for firm pricing, but qualified budget estimates are always available at no charge.

At this point, we can estimate the project and submit a proposal for our client’s consideration.

Once the owner accepts and signs a contract with us, we start immediately with engineering, submit for required permits and begin construction upon completion of permits.

We work with the appropriate building officials and relevant environmental regulation authorities for project approval so our clients can focus on their existing responsibilities.

When the design is complete, our project manager buys out the project and our superintendent mobilizes to the site to begin construction. Our superintendent will manage the safety, quality and schedule of the project, as well as coordinate the day-to-day activities of our pre-qualified subcontractors.

Throughout construction, our clients receive regular project updates as prepared by our superintendent and project manager so they can stay up-to-date with project progress and easily inform others in their company about project status.

Reporting project progress continues until the final walk-through to ensure all punch-list items are completed and that the project meets or exceeds quality expectations.

The Bottom-Line

We work with our clients to design flexible, efficient systems that provide exceptional service to their customers.

Our relationships with various engineering and automation firms within the industry helps assemble a turnkey package for our client’s consideration.

Our facility designs can include fully automated rail unload systems, micronutrient blending, after-hours loadout service and more.

Your project is personal for us. Our approach is to bring our expertise, experience and resources to make sure your project stays on track and meets your specific needs.


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