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Terraco’s Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles come from deeply held beliefs about life and the right way to conduct business.  We have formalized our beliefs into a core purpose and core values to direct our company.  They are our guide as we interact with our clients, employees, vendors, and the public.

Core Purpose

To create exceptional facilities for the World’s leading producers

Core Values

1.  Uncompromising Ethics

Trust is built for a lifetime, but can be torn down in one inglorious act.  Therefore, we must adhere to the highest ethical standards whether dealing with customers, colleagues, subcontractors, suppliers, or the world at large.

Implications for action:

  • Always do what is right, even if no one else will know
  • Never seek to take what we haven’t earned
  • Don’t increase profits at the cost of our integri
  • Abide by the laws and regulations that we work under
  • Accurately account and bill for our costs

2.  Faithful Stewardship

We live in a world of limited resources, and must value and appreciate what we have.

Implications for action:

  • Use our wealth, time, and energy towards worthy pursuits
  • Use what we have to enhance the lives of others
  • Respect the environments we work in
  • Utilize safe work practices to protect the lives we’ve been given.

3.  Accountability

Accountability is fundamental to the health of our culture and growth as a business and is an individual and corporate responsibility.

Implications for action:

  • Always own up to one’s mistakes, individually and corporately, so we can learn from and improve upon the ways we operate
  • Follow through on responsibilities that have been assigned
  • Be professional and punctual

4.  Humility

All that we accomplish as a company is through teamwork and our relationships, and for this to continue, we must not boast in our individual and corporate success.

Implications for action:

  • Our egos must be left at home
  • Individually and corporately we can always be better, and must always strive to become so
  • Respect and listen to other’s ideas

5.  Excellence

Our commitment to excellence is how we earn committed customers.

Implications for action:

  • Put forth the extra effort it takes to perform quality work
  • Complete tasks on schedule and on budget every time
  • Use current industry best practices and look for new technology to improve upon our success
  • Embrace training and education as a personal responsibility

6.  Relationships

The relationships we have corporately and individually are the basis for achieving all of our goals.

Implications for action:

  • Always approach projects and decisions with the long-term in mind
  • Align ourselves with individuals and organizations that allow us to bring mutual value to the table
  • Respect the well-being of the individuals and entities we work with